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Well, what can I say? It's Christmas again! After a long and endless year... Well, after all the year wasn't that long, since we are already at the best season of it hahaha
I could end some paintings, I've read many books and comics that I was hoarding over my shelves, i've worked so much i stiull can't believe it... and I did not submit many drawings, I know! There are some new ones, but I can't show them yet, sorry haha Next year I have some interesting things in mind, so maybe there will be some news, I'll tell you all later! And I must finish reading some books and write critiques about them, I've forgotten it :/ Nest year I'll ask Santa if he can give me the ability to do things faster haha

Now there are people in the kitchen preparing a dessert my family loves (I don't, I hate whipped cream), i've already bought some appetizers, the gifts I bought for myself won't arrive in time (Santa, help me with this, please, you know I'm a good boy)... No need of Christmas Spirits to feel the spirit of Christmas, right? XD

I wish you all a merry Christmas, dear fellow deviants, watchers, friends, relatives and Sith Lords (Jedi too, ok!). May Santa be generous with you ;)

PS: by the way, did anyone watch Rogue One? That was a nice Christmas gift for me hahaha There's something I really loved in this movie, but I don't want to give you spoilers, so GO WATCH IT NOW!
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December 24, 2016


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