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Just writing to inform you I have deleted some old deviations and journal entries that have no relevance for me anymore. If by chance some of them were part of your favourites, I am really sorry about it :( But at least for me keeping old stuff unnecessarily is something which irritates me a lot hahahah I do it often with my papers, books, clothes, ANYTHING!
Thought it'd be polite to tell you.
That's all for now ;)

ps: now all my artworks have tags too! Apparently I've added tags just in ONE drawing until now, can you belive it? The reason for this? I have no idea hahaha
The last time I've written was on January 1st? WHAAAAAT???? I've been lazy, I guess hahahah No, just kiding! I'm finishing my biggest painting ever and starting a few interesting things. I believe on May I'll start submitting those works. But that doesn't matter now! I'm writing now to celebrate!! I've finally exceeded the mark of 10.000 pageviews, isn't that awesome?

Don't know if you remember, but I've written a journal entry on November about paintings and artists I admire. I'l celebrate my 10.000 pageviews showing you seven more of my favourite paintings! Here we go! (click on the names to see them)

1) The Storm, by Pierre-Auguste Cot

2) Nubian Guard, by Ludwig Deutsch

3) Witches on Sabbath, by Luis Ricardo Falero

4) Renée, by Amadeo Modigliani

5) Magdalena, by Antonio Ciseri

6) The Annunciation, by Jan van Eyck

7) Moonrise, by Stanisław Masłowski

And that's it for now. Maybe i'll show you more another day. Now my next mark is 20.000 pageviews and 100 watchers! Can't wait! hahahaha
See ya o/
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I don't really like this transition from a year to another one. Never liked it very much... :/ I never feel comfortable or trully happy and mesmerized and hopeful. It's just a regular day. December 31 is a bit sad and boring and Janueary 1 is just normal again. I know, I may look really weird saying stuff like this hahahah Like an old man n a haunted house hahaha

Anyway, Happy New Year, folks! May this 2016 be a great year for us all! And may the Force be with you, always ;)
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Hey, everyone! Just writing to wish you all a merry Christmas! I know I did not submit many things this year... I'm starting everything again, have a few projects ant artworks in mind for the next year hahaha
Thank you all very much for keep watching! That's you Christmas present for me :)

Happy Holidays, everyone! May the Force be with us all hahaha

See you soon ^^
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The title says everything :D Oh, my, that was so awesome!!! :D

I did not see only the first 3 or 4 minutes because it was written "start at 11h30 pm", but it started earlier hahahah Or my locks are all wrong? I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi...

On December 17 I will go to the movies and watch it, Ican't believe it :D
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Retalhos (n. 2) - Mangue by LuanMonta 

Why do I record these weird things, anyway? hahahaha
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I thought it could be interesting to show you a few paintings of artists from the past I really admire! Here are some, hope you enjoy them :) They are all very important influences for for me.
By the way, they are in a random order.

1) Before the Bath (by William-Adolphe Bouguereau)  - MY FAVOURITE PAINTING EVER!

2) Saint Jerome (by Caravaggio)

3) Danae (by Gustav Klimt)

4) Two Ovals (by Wassily Kandinsky) - I have seen this one live, in front of me and it's so impressive! I could not stop looking at it!

5) Bal du moulin de la Galette (by Pierre Auguste Renoir)

6) Guernica (by Pablo Picasso)

7) The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon (by Edward John Poynter)

I'll stop here for now. If you like this I can post more paintings! There are so many, from everywhere, oh my... hahahaha
Have a nice day ;)
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Welcome to the future, Marty McFly! Where's Doc Brown?

ps: most important than anything, where's my flying skateboard? (¬_¬)'

And there's a new strip, as I said! :D Only in Portuguese XD
Rabiscando-me - n. 7 - De Volta para o Futuro by LuanMonta
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Yoho! Nova série de mini pinturas em andamento, todas feitas em retalhos e sobras de papel que costumo usar para teste quando estou pintando. Todas serão pinturas rápidas e sem grande comprometimento com realismo e detalhes, algo mais abstrato, mesmo, mais uma impressão que uma forma definida. Há tempos queria fazer algo assim! 

O primeirão é este aqui:
  Retalhos (n. 1) - jovem com boneca by LuanMonta

Meu objetivo é dar formas (mesmo que um tanto abstratas) às figuras que surgem nas manchas de tinta aleatórias sobre o papel. Sem tamanhos definidos, sem cores definidas, apenas usando pincéis e cores disponíveis quando vier a inspiração.
Espero que gostem!
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    Well, I usually don't do this kind of thing or participate in this events and stuff, but it seemed pretty interesting to do this one... Oh, and don't mind if you read a lot "I don't know what to answer", because that's so true! haha
So let's do it!

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
       > Since Jan 17, 2013 (wow, I did not remember it! More than I was thinking).    

  2. What does your username mean?
       > Well, since my real name is Luan Montà, my user name "LuanMonta" is basically the same lol

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
       > Only three words?

  4. Are you left or right handed?
       > Right handed, but for many thing I use exclusively my left hand, like holding mugs, books etc (it sounds weird, right?)

  5. What was your first deviation?
       > I'm not sure if I deleted my first deviation or not (sometimes I clean my gallery, removing old/unnecessary works), but it seems my first deviation was this one:
    Ana Karenina by LuanMonta

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    > Traditional art. I like to paint, to feel ink in my hands, and almost always use watercolor or gouache.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    > Difficult one... Maybe music or sculpture.

  8. What was your first favourite?
    > Wow, so many questions I never know how to answer! hahah This one was my first favourite, it seems:Braid2 by EM-MIKA 

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    > Well, most of my favourites are photos or traditional or digital art, so I guess I tend to favourite the most these three types of art.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    > All the artists I watch are my favourites, each for a different reason. I can't choose one... that would not be fair to the others.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    > Like in the last question, I'd like to meet all for different reasons, most of them concerning their styles. i'd really enjoy talking about references, movies, favourite artists etc with all of them. Oh, but I know in person a few ones, right, Iguana-Teteia? hahah Just to mention one (we did colelge together).

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    > Who wrote these question, they're so hard to answer, oh my!
        Well, since  Iguana-Teteia is one of my best friends now, I guess I could say something about her, but as I met her first in person and only after year in deviantart, the question sounds strange... Anyway she's a good friend, comments on my arts, we discuss our projects, give opinions to each other, visit museums, go to comic book events together etc. And for all those thing I thank her a lot ^^ But as my job is always trolling me, it's difficult to have free days haha! I should be working this weekend :/ But something happened with the clients and they freed me for a few days \o/ No, they did not give me a sock lol
        And I can say something about hel-weird too! We have been talking a lot, and it's pretty nice to see the points of view of someone from a different country, who speaks a different language etc. I do not have long conversations of any kind with many people, but everytime I do it's always a pleasure. Thanks, hel-weird! Through our conversations I can always learn something, a new author, something about where you live etc. Knowledge is power haha ^^

        I wish I could say more, but I'm not good writing such things hahah

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    > Now that's easy! \o/ Pencils, pens, brushes, ink, my fingers (I use them while painting, to create different effects).

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    > My home (more precisely: at the living room or dining room. Odd, huh?).

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    > I guess it was when one of my paintings was mentioned in a journal. But I can't remember whose journal or when this person wrote it... :( And I could not find it as well, though I didn't delete the notification! Apparently it desappeared by itself hahaha I'm pretty sure the notification was there until yesterday, can you believe it?! I'm definitely not a lucky person :( Please, if anyone knows where it was mentioned, tell me! It's my deviation with most comments and most favourited, and I felt really happy with that journal ^^
    This is the painting:
      That Old House In that Forgotten Farm by LuanMonta

It took me so long to answer all those question,, oh my! I feel tired hahahah And that's all.
Not very thrilling, right? hahaha 

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Alous, olás!
Tive uma ideia outro dia desses, de desenhar meu "eu desenho" (que não sou eu realmente) falando sobre falta de inspiração para desenhar. E não é que funcionou? Há um bom tempo eu já pretendia postar tirinhas com alguma regularidade, mas nenhuma das ideias que tive me atraiu muito, até aparecer esta aqui!
Em "Rabiscando-me" vocês conhecerão meu "eu desenho" e seu cotidiano absurdo, caricato e cheio de piadinhas infames. Não me basearei em fatos ou pessoas reais, vejam bem! 
E será tudo em português. Motivo? Nenhum em especial, apenas me convenço mais como eu mesmo sendo eu mesmo não sendo eu porém  me representando como um eu que sou eu sem ser eu em português (WTH?)
Segue a primeira! Espero que gostem ;)

Rabiscando-me - n. 0 by LuanMonta
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The last day of the year... I never really liked New Year's eve and January 1st. Both days seem boring and I never feel comfortable throughout them... But anyway it's another year that is endind, I can't believe it! So many things happened! Not the year I wished for, but still good in many ways...

Anyway, thank you all for every comment, fav and watch, even if I haven't submitted many things this year. It all means a lot to me! :) And finishing the year with 103 deviations, 61 watcher and 5164 pageviews is great! :D I'm really impressed!

And that's it...

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 be a happy year for you all, a year which will bring you a lot of surprises, a year of wealth and joy and art! I'll try to submit more drawings next year hahaha See ya! o/
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Well, well, hello, everyone! I know it's been a long time since my last journal entry... This year was really troubled and I was really busy EVERY DAY hahahaha
And I know I did not post to many drawings... I just don't like to draw for nothing, you see? But the few ones I've submitted were done with much happily!
But in a general way this was not a really good year... I wasn't able to finish many things I started in January! I tried to organize all my chores and works, but it was impossible! that's what I'll try to do next year: to finish EVERYTHING that is not finished yet (that sounds quite awful hahahahah I had no better words...). But this is only the boring parts! 2014 was good as well! I worked a lot and learned a lot about the softwares I use, went to interviews in a few studios, met new people in events, went to Comic Con Experience (which was awesome!! I'll post a video about it soon and put the link here, don't worry)... Simple things, yes, but worth it! Besides all the problems, I finally can see ways to reorganize everything to start producing more and more again (at least in theory). But there's one thing that makes me sad: I had no time to do Christmas cards for my friends, like last year. I have only the sketches hahaha Yeah, a time of thin cows...
There's not much to talk about... I watched The Hobbit last weekend with my mother (who have read Tolkine book years before the first Lord of the Rings movie was release XD), bought some nice DVDs and comic books, ate a lot of candies ("a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down", right? hahaha)... well, actually we eat something different almost every day at work hahaha We say that we eat more than we work hahahah
Weel, I guess that's it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MY DEARS! You make my days better and better! Enjoy the Holidays, give and receive lots of presents, be happy and make everybody you know happy as well!! I really love these days and this spirit :D It could last the whole year hahahah

Feliz Natal para todos ;) E que a Força esteja com vocês XD
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Hello, people from around the world here in deviantart! How are you? Well, what news do i have today...? I don't know... JUST KIDDING! Have I mentioned when the local tv network interviewed me about my comic book collection? Well, I was interviewed again! People know what I have but don't exactly know me LOL Take a look:…  (you can read the interview in the pdf, but it's only in Portuguese T_T In a simple way, I can say that I talked about how many comics do I have; how to take care of them; there're a few curiosities concerning the differences in comics published in the US and Brazil, for example; I talked about my graduation in Animation Design etc). It is so amazing, I'm so happy! :)

These things always surprise me... the Barato Literário, which I mentioned in the last journal entry, is going pretty well! We already have many followers and people seem to like it. Now I must finish the book I started in order to record the video... I read a bit slowly, you know? I like to apreciate the words, the way the sentences were written, the phrases, the way each character speaks etc. I enjoy those details; they make reading something better (I don't know how to explain what I feel, sorry). And i like to read a few parts again, write things to comment on them later etc. I can say that I'm famous (among my friends) for writing REALLY long (and full of details and endless sentences) texts, so you'll probably see long videos in our vlog about the books I read. I decided to start with a collection of 52 classics my grandparents have. I'm on the number one yet, so there will be lots of videos on this! There are so many books I want to read again to write and record reviews on them *.* I don't like to read new books. I prefer to keep reading again and again the same ones. That's odd, I know hahaha there are books I've read 8-10-12 times! 

It's so hot, my goodness! The average of the last weeks here in my town is 32ºC or 33ºC, I guess. Brazil is a hot country, but this tiny drought is making us crazy! No rain, merciless heat, throats go dry... (Frank Miller's 300 sentences, anyone? hahahaha). I don't like hot weather... And my home is a really hot place too. Heat is everywhere, don't turn your head, he's where you are MUAHAHAHAHAH (do i look crazy writing these nonsense things? oh, whatever... that's what's funny about writng! ;P). Wow, look at this journal entry, so long! I started writing and don't know how to finish it...  My life is so calm... It's difficult to tell anything really interesting haha Well, I took a course on human anatomy and I'm studying digital painting, have I mentioned it? (I never remember what I have already said and what I haven't...). Now that's starting to look weird. Oh, the new soap opera started last week. let's see how evil will this author be this time hehehe

Ok, now that's all, before I start to talk as I talk to my friends lol See ya!  
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YEAH!!!! At last my friend Dany and I were able to upload our first video and start our new blog! They're about book reviews. Reviews on the book we'll start to read from now on (Dany will read more about fantasy, and I the classics). Everything will be only in Portuguese, at least for now. I've animated the opening (using After Effects). The character we call Senhor Barato (something like Mr. Cockroach) and edited the video. Hope you like it! ^^

So, if you want to like our page (…) or follow our blog (, we'll like it very much hahahahaha

It took us about a year from the beginning until today, the day we finally start our Barato Literário! I can't believe it's on youtube *.* It's so exciting! Feel free to share it, comment, like (or not), show your friends ad family etc. From now on, everytime there's a new video I'll share it here too! 

And now let's go to the next project!

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Well... another year has gone, I can't believe it. In 2013 I wasn't as productive as I planned, though I did many different things, met new people and finished a few projetc or drawings. I could start again to send my drawings as Christmas cards too! I wasn't the best year possible, but there were so many nice things that I feel happy about it! I have a few plans for 2014 concerning my projects (I hope I'll be able to end up all by June). Let's see what I can do ^^
Well then, thank you for for the pageviews and comments and watches and favs (there are more of each one than I expected!)! These last 12 months here in deviantart were really nice! i made some friends and could show my drawings, 3D models, sketches etc, and I'm happy to see many people liked them. That's the best present I could I get. So that's it for 2013. I wish you all a happy New Year, happy Holidays, have a nice réveillon and that in 2014 you can see your dreams come true! Keep making art, people! See ya!

PS: I have some nice ideas for drawings to post here next year! Keep looking!
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since I commented this in :iconhel-weird: journal
I'll do this. So comment and I'll...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.
2. Tell you a colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you a beverage you remind me of. 
4. Tell you what (book, comic, manga/anime, or video game) character you remind me of.
5. Tell you something I like about you.
6. Tell you an object that's close to me. 
7. Ask you a meaningful question that you MUST answer 
8. Ask you a stupid question that you MUST answer 
9. There is no number nine, deal with it. 
10. Tell you to do one in your journal too! (okay, you don't need to do it! I just did because it was funny... and I'll probably take a little long to answer your comments T_T)

I usually don't do it, but this some seemed quite peculiar... Os Luan ta tudo loko, mano! hahahahah
About 70-80 of my comics (most of these are manga) are completely stained due to moisture (um tapa na cara do Luan! Maldita hora para aparecer umidade! u.ú). These comics stayed at my father's for a few months before I brought them here. I'm pretty sure they were all clean, dry and perfect (ok, not THAT perfect) when I boxed them up. Now they are all here, I see all that horrible yellow spots starring at me whenever I take one of this comic books (and there're a few dents too, but these ones I was expecting). I don't pack them as many people do. The same with my books. A few spots/stains and dents show that your library is alive, it shows you read all that is there more than once, and that you know they're only inanimate matter that can be sold and bought (am I the only one who sees things this way?). Even though I colect them, it doesn't mean I live to keep them perfect. They're only pieces of paper, right? I like my collection in order, cleaned and safe from people who don't care about it very much, but... accidents happen, unfortunately. Right? I'll few sad about it, but as nothing can be done, at least I know it won't happen again (now they're all kept in a dry place, far from sunlight etc). Now I've said this, I believe I few better ^^. There's only one thing that still bothers me: why some of the comics are like new and the others that were beside them are so horribly stained? They were all together, at the same place! the same air, the same moisture, the same box! An example: Elfen Lied volumes 1 and 3 are all yellow, but not the rest of the series! Why this? Why do these things happen to me? 
Ó, céus... T_T E dá-lhe azar, seu moço! hahaha É rir pra não chorar...

Well, let's stop complaining and crying over split milk! Enough with materialism, Luan Montà! You're not like this! hahahahahaa At least now it seems not bad as I first thought ^^

About my drawings: I'm woking on my Christmas cards and on three more: one for my mother (which I'll upload in here soon, like another one based on the opera Die Walküre which I'll upload tomorrow or maybe today, but later), one for my aunt and a really special one I don't know when I'll finish (it's for a friend of mine). 
What else...? Well, I'll start to read Moby Dick, finally! It's a shame I've never read it before! Ummmm I bought Blad Runner and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on DVD... I had a nice idea for a new story... and that's all, I guess. Everything very monotonous, as always... I believe I must buy some comics I collect (new editions for sale, at last).
So, what's new, my dears? Any problems with your comic book collections? Does anyone want some tea? There's gnocchi for dinner! \o/
Do I look crazy today? I wrote so many different things I can't even find where's the logic in all of it... And I'm still writing! Let's sing along:…

Have a nice week, folks! And be careful with moisture! Or it may catch your papers and torture you killing them T_T

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Here I am, my dear friends! At last, eh? hahaha Well, I believe I have some good news! I've been drawing a lot these days... Some of them... well, people seeme to like them very much! Some say they are useful, so I'll keep doing drawings like this:

Probably the next one will be "Ears" or "Male/Female Thorax", not sure yet. oh, and do you remember this sketch?:…   I'm finally finishing it! It's better drawn now and soon I'll start to paint it (watercolor, my dear friend, come here! It's tea time! Love you! XD). 

I'm working on a new project of mine, concerning a few drawing I have here. When I finish about 10 or 12 of them, I'll show you what is this project (no, I'm not a mad cientist with plan to rule the world lol). What else can I say....... Well, I've been reading a few manga I bought recently. there was so many mangas and comics I haven't read that I was quite desperate! But now I'm finally finishing reading all of them. October is the month when I buy as many of them as I can (there's an event which I like very much; last year, for example, I showed my drawing for publisher... they seemed to like my character! \o/).

And one last thing: it's been a few year since the last time I did Christmas cards for my friends, but this year I'm already drawing them! it'll be 5, and I have the idea and the sketches for 4 of them. By the end of November they must be finished... Most of them I'll give my friends personally. And of course I'll show you them all (if these friends allow it).

E é só. Inté, meus caríssimos leitores! o/

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  • Watching: "Das Rheingold" (again, I know...)
A three part title needs three paragraphs to be explained...
1) MY BOOK: Have I ever told you about the book I'm writing? If I haven't... well, I told you now! hahahahahah
Today I'm checking a few things. I discovered something wrong with the story yesterday... it's a tiny detail, but I have to read all I wrote until now in order to correct it. At least I can check if everything is right... I want to publish it some day. It'd be awesome to see someone reading it *.*
2) MOVIES: What else? Oh, I bought many movies last week: Amadeus, Sunset Boulevard (so great! *.*), The Exorcist (I read the book before watching the movie...), Spartacus (that's epic! I love those battle scenes!), Ben-Hur, The Counterfeiters (I really like movies about World War II, and this one about Operation Bernhard is really nice!), Downfall (another one concerning World War II). 
3) MY COMICS: I bought so many I can't even find time to read them lololololol I belive they'll all be read by September... At least I hope so! So then I can buy more lol

And that's all... Nothing better to say T_T

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  • Reading: "The Adventures ofTom Sawyer" (again)
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